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announced he is running. >> today i am announcing i am officially running to be mayor of our great city, washington, d.c. >> the rain did not dampen the theits of tommy wells, second and likely not the last to join the campaign. >> we have seen the greatest crisis in our city. >> he hammered the issue criticizing the current mayor for running what he called a corrupt campaign. >> he promised not to take corporations which contributions from corporations or lobbyists. everybody applies for their job. there will be a new government. >> on the issue of race, he admitted the city is divided. the city has not had a white mayor in decades. >> everybody wants the same thing. >> he says a livable city, better schools and he wants to cut youth crime and how -- in half. the fifth generation washington ian wasn -- washington not available to talk to us today. richardson came from another war to hear wells. they are not completely sold on wells. sure who he will vote for. he thinks he can do a good job. >> we have to find people with the right priorities and integrity. >> a spokesperson for mayor g
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1